Adult submissive stories

Adult submissive stories

adult submissive stories

There are many many more erotic stories at the sites that sponsor this free adult fiction site. Please click on their banners and check out the rest of the HOT Sex. I’ve published stories at a couple of different sites: and I found the smtales site to be much more. % free sex stories, erotic fiction, adult tales and porn videos at Submit your XXX story today! Hi - This is the first of my long journey to the submissive bottom I am now and the nasty things I have done and enjoyed over the years, I felt like I wanted to share.

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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of soft plastic baby pants. I think Daddy would agree with that summary.

adult submissive stories

Our relationship is deeper than many vanilla relationships and because of that the foundation we have already built needs expanded and with rough terrain at times, we need to account for that so that our structure that we are building will stand firm against the elements and stand the test of time.

My nappy's so wet, will you play with my pussy? Oh how true this is. High class escort for adult baby.

adult submissive stories

From there a formal drawing contract is created. But when she finds out you're wearing a nappy she knows how to get you off.

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Nanny has a new toy for one of her lucky babies! While I ponder being ghosted, I do notice him missing in my life. She fucks his arse with a 10" vibrator and soon he's cumming and wetting in his plastic pants like the Sissy Baby he really is! There have been some wonderful things that have happened this year too and I want them to shine. These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were If you're into any sort of wild fetish, Fetish Bar is seriously the place for you!

For enquiries please contact at contact [ ] abstories. Gloria put him in the nappies and plastic pants she found and now they're married and he's her adult baby husband!

This woman returns home unexpectedly after forgetting her purse and interrupts something!

adult submissive stories

That always makes her cum! Cuckolding. Both get turned on and he locks the door and brings out a nappy for her. What is it that you like about nappies? It's an inflatable vibrating butt plug with a cock and ball attachment and will get Nanny the spunky nappy that she loves! Licking bum makes baby cum. Reflections of a real Femdom Wife. Sally has ran out of nappies for her baby husband and she frantically calls her best friends Jen and Tina to get some for her. She's put a remote controlled butt plug in his arse before pinning him tightly into his nappy.

Nothing here guys but the biggest database of people from all around the world that.

Submissive Bottom Saga Pt. 01

Joanne meets a guy online who wants to have sexy nappy fun with her! The best Erotic story contest! It has been a long time since I posted anything.

As you begin to build, is everything done precisely as drawn out? While his needs are tended to by Rubber Nurses, Abby spends his millions that she got by selling his business and lives a life of luxury while he knows nothing about it! It's time for you to go and see her to get your wet nappy changed. Free sex to get you through the holidays is just what you 21 DEC, I want to present watercolors by my husband… I like to birch him now and then… http: She takes one of her Mum's suspender belts that will fit her cheating boyfriend and also a pair of frilly plastic pants which would be perfect over his nappy and transform him into a big sissy baby girl!

adult submissive stories

If this meets your criteria, we ask that you place it in your list of links. This Mistress humiliates you as you're wrapped in plastic. They get so turned on with their kinky secret and after the ceremony Rob can't wait to fuck Sarah in her wedding dress, frilly lingerie and wet nappy!

They are faced and dealt with and you get past them.

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Thank you for your consideration, Cruel Love. John shows Donna his favourite adult baby website and she wanks him into his nappy as he looks at sexy adult baby girls!

adult submissive stories

I'm going to make you wank yourself off in your nappy while I play with my pussy.. After Nanny made Dave the postman cum in his wet nappy she heads up to the nursery with her new toy for her adult baby boy. Lots of sexy nappy and plastic threesome fun! You've already been diapered so she makes you jerk off for her own amusement! M and I are facing some bumps together too.

adult submissive stories

Listen to her telling you all about the sexy fun with an adult baby boy that gets out of control when another 2 adult baby boys join in and this hot babysitter fucks all 3! You're desperate for an orgasm so since you've been a good baby she's going to lick your arse until you cum!

Submissive Bottom Saga Pt. 01 - Gay Male -

I wanted to let you know my drawings on female domination. Of these stories I just want to keep the intellectual property.

adult submissive stories

Lots of breastfeeding and hot sex in nappies and plastic pants! Daddy wants me to reach out and have the tough conversation to clearly decide if our relationship is over and end it on a positive note. Forced BI Stories - Berta "Now, stick your cock deep into his bowels," she told this man, being intentionally.

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Wife and best friend make husband creamy in his nappy. When I met my new boyfriend after work I was with another girl.

adult submissive stories

After Donna has masturbated her adult baby husband in his nappy she runs him a bath while she prepares a little surprise for him! I feel honesty is the best policy.I’ve published stories at a couple of different sites: and I found the smtales site to be much more.

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Sean wakes up in nanny's nursery and is introduced to new babysitter Karen. Our list of top authors and adult fiction archive. Now you're in trouble! The rough draft, so to speak.

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